Veritas cluser setup in Vmware Workstation on Solaris 10

Hello, If you like to experiment veritas cluster. You can set it up on Vmware Workstation. The following software/tools need to be downloaded. 1. Download trail version of cluster software from Symantec 2. Download X86 based sun/oracle operation [...]

How to assign PVID to a new hdisk on AIX

If you like to assign PVID on AIX, please use the following command. #chdev -l hdisk1 -a pv=yes

Sun/Oracle ILOM hardware information

showdate showsc -v showescape showkeyswitch showcodlicense -v showcodlicense -rv showcodusage -v showplatform -v showboards -ev showcomponent showfru -r manr showchs -b (will fail for fw below 5.20.15) And for each suspect or faulty component showchs [...]

Sun hardware information for troubleshooting from ALOM

sc> showfaults -v sc> showenvironment sc> showfru sc> showplatform -v sc> showlogs -v sc> showsc -v sc> showfru -s sc> showhost sc> showcomponent sc> consolehistory -v sc> consolehistory -v boot sc> [...]

SUN ILOM/ ALOM commands

ILOM ALOM CMT Command Comparison ALOM: ILOM: setdate set /SP/clock datetime=value value format: MMDDhhmmYYYY setdefaults set /SP reset_to_defaults=all -> reset /SP This resets the SP setkeyswitch set [...]

How to reset ILOM and ALOM?

We always have problem logging into the server, in this case we may need to log in using console, but some time it just hang there  or if some one is using, you may need to reset it.   AlOM  :  resetsc   ILOM:  reset /SP   This [...]