RHEL 5 vs RHEL 7 comparision

Command changes for common tasks System basics Task RHEL5 RHEL7 View subscription information /etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid subscription-manager identity Configure subscription rhn_register subscription-manager rhn_register View system [...]

RHEL 7 – Changed mount behavior at boot – Nofail

Earlier versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux booted regardless of whether all partitions specified in /etc/fstab could be mounted. This could result in a system appearing “up” and healthy, while booting without required partitions. To [...]

RHEL 7 reset root password

If you lost the root password to the system and you have access to the boot loader, you can reset the password by editing the GRUB2 configuration.  Resetting the Root Password Boot your system and wait until the GRUB2 menu appears. In [...]

RHEL 7 XFS command vs EXT4

Task ext4 XFS Creating a file system mkfs.ext4 mkfs.xfs Mounting a file system mount mount Resizing a file system resize2fs xfs_growfs Repairing a file system e2fsck xfs_repair Changing the label on a file system e2label xfs_admin [...]

How to find lun number in Solaris 10

Solaris 10: Find LUN id Step 1. Use format command to find your disk. 12. c4t60060480000190105493533033443843d0 /scsi_vhci/ssd@g60060480000190105493533033443843 Step 2. Find Logical Path of the disk # luxadm probe|grep c4t60060480000190105493533033443843d0 [...]

Remove the disk/subdisk/plex from veritas volume manager

#vxplex -g appdg -o rm dis vol103-01 If the disk group is exported, then you can force bash-3.2# vxplex -g appdg -o rm -f dis vol121-01 #Remove disk from diskgroup vxdg -g appdg rmdisk appdg01 Dissociating and removing plexes When a plex [...]