How to find VLAN number in AIX?

How to find VLAN number in AIX? You can use the entstat command to find the VLAN number. # entstat -dt en2 | grep -i vlan Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0 Port VLAN ID: 400 VLAN Tag IDs: None [root@servr1:/root] # entstat -dt en1 | grep [...]

Enable disk in Veritas Volume Manager

Enabling a disk If you move a disk from one system to another during normal system operation, VxVM does not recognize the disk automatically. The enable disk task enables VxVM to identify the disk and to determine if this disk is part of a [...]

Reattaching Failed Disks in Veritas Volume Manager

Veritas volume manager troubleshooting guide info. Reattaching failed disks You can perform a reattach operation if a disk could not be found at system startup, or if VxVM is started with some disk drivers unloaded and unloadable (causing disks [...]

Killing process by name except root

How to kill apache process which are not owned by root. Kill -9 `ps -eaf | grep apache | grep -v root | awk ‘{print $2}’`

How to start and stop services/daemons in Unix/Lnux System

You may need to restart services after you changed the configuration files. You can use the following methods to restart services. RedHat, CentOS and Fedora Core Linux /sbin/service sshd restart Suse linux /etc/rc.d/sshd restart Debian/Ubuntu /etc/init.d/sshd [...]

How do I mount a CD rom in AIX?

First find out whether CD rom is available on the server using the following command: #lsdev | grep -i cd cd0 Available 05-08-00 IDE DVD-RAM drvive You may get a output like above. Type the following command to mout: #mount -V cdrfs -o ro [...]