veritas volume manager remove volume

Syntax : vxassist –g remove volume Example One. # vxassist –g oradg remove volume oravol1 Example Two. # vxedit –rf rm oravol The above command will complete remove all the underlying plexes and subdisks of the volume “oravol”

Remove the disk/subdisk/plex from veritas volume manager

#vxplex -g appdg -o rm dis vol103-01 If the disk group is exported, then you can force bash-3.2# vxplex -g appdg -o rm -f dis vol121-01 #Remove disk from diskgroup vxdg -g appdg rmdisk appdg01 Dissociating and removing plexes When a plex [...]

Veritas Volume Manager Basic Volume Creation using vxmake

Creating 50M Volume Creating Sub Disks. Use the vxmake command to create VxVM objects, such as subdisks: # vxmake [-g diskgroup] sd subdisk diskname,offset,length where subdisk is the name of the subdisk, diskname is the disk name, offset [...]

Veritas volume Manager Advanced Volume Creation using vxmake

Step 1: Create Sub Disks on appdisk6 bash-3.2# vxmake -g appdg sd appdisk6-01 appdisk6,0,102400 bash-3.2# vxmake -g appdg sd appdisk6-02 appdisk6,102400,102400 bash-3.2# vxmake -g appdg sd appdisk6-03 appdisk6,204800,102400 bash-3.2# vxmake [...]

Manually configure Veritas Cluster UUID

How to configure Veritas Cluster UUID? When you install VCS seprately and if you want to bring the node under cluster, then you need to modify the UUID. IF you don’t modify, you will get the following error. >>>>>> 2014/11/24 13:58:12 [...]

VCS – Joining the cluster memebership

Joining the cluster memebership When you boot the server LLT/GAB starts automatically, but HAD won’t start until GAB membership established. Here is an example for 2 node cluster. 1. LLT will start on each node 2. GAB stats on each [...]