Create different layout volumes using vxassist command

The “vxassist” Utility Syntax: vxassist –g diskgroup make volname length [attributes] # vxassist –g datadg make vol1 50m # vxassist –g datadg make vol1 50m datadg01 # vxassist –g datadg make vol1 500m layout=stripe # vxassist –g [...]

veritas volume manager remove volumes

Syntax : vxassist –g diskgroup remove volume volname Example One. # vxassist –g oradg remove volume oravol1 Example Two. # vxedit –rf rm oravol The above command will complete remove all the underlying plexes and subdisks of the volume [...]

veritas volume manager – Add mirror volume

Syntax : vxassist –g diskgroup mirror volume_name Example: # vxassist –g oradg mirror oracle The above command mirrors the oracle volume # vxassist –g oradg mirror oracle oradg01 The above command mirrors oracle volume on to the disk [...]