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How to find the port number for the process?

Some times we have an issues such as binding with specific port number or connection refuse issues. If you know the pidID, then you can simply find the port number using the following command.

root@server2 [/etc/httpd/conf]# lsof -p 10417 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE NODE NAME httpd 10417 nobody cwd DIR 8,1 4096 […]

NFS Stale File Handle error

Most of you might have seen this error messages in the past. The reason for the error is that whenever directory reference is removed by nfs server and when client is holding the old reference.

root@dev:/# find /mnt/sources/ -name script.*

find: cannot open /mnt/sources/: Stale NFS file handle

The solution is that we need […]

Linux Binary Kernel vs Source Kernel

I believe that most of you might have questions to choose binary kernel or source kernel. Installing binary kernel is straight forward and you can easily upgrade. When you compile from source, you need to go though long process. The advantage of using source is that you can avoid un-necessary kernel modules. It will prevent […]

Free backup and restore for linux images


I’m using clonezilla to backup and restore the images and it is really good.


It is really good, if you are doing some critical patches or upgrading firmware.

sed examples

sed is one of the very early Unix commands built for command line processing of data files.

[root@dev mark]# cat file1







[root@dev mark]# sed -i ‘s/ab/ak/’ file1

[root@dev mark]# more file1







sed -i” overwrites the original file with a new one, breaking any […]

How to verify whether port is accessible on Unix/Linux servers?

You may see many issues regarding ports connections. Here is a simple way to troubleshoot.

telnet hostname pornumber – If the port is open and daemon is running, then you will see the output like this:

>telnet localhost 22 Trying… Connected to localhost ( Escape character is ‘^]’.

If there is any issue, you […]