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Linux Software

Linux Software

When people are talking about Linux, basically they are talking about Kernel. You can build any distribution top of Linux Kernel.

Here are some of the popular Linux distributions:

Ubuntu Debian SUSE (SLES) Fedora Centos RedHat (RHEL) Mandriva Gentoo Slackware

When it comes to software, it is like Windows. You can download […]

RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux)


RedHat had free version of Linux in the past, after a while they started to release enterprise level. When they started to release enterprise version, they switched from redhat to RHEL.

Enterprise Linux

Enterprise Linux: (RHEL vs SLES)

Most people think Linux is free. Yes, in a way Linux is free, but if you want to go for enterprise level Linux, then you need to pay, but they provide patches, support, etc.. When customer is looking for enterprise Linux, it means they need faster support and quick […]

Setting up a Linux home server

Setting up Linux home server

We can easily setup a simple Linux server at home. It’s easy, but not easy 😉

Here is a checklist for Linux home server build

Planning : Installing Linux system: (you can get any of the linux distribution, but from my experience I would recommend CentOS for web server) […]

Server Hardware Management

Server Hardware Management

When you are maintaining critical server, the following list may help you to resolve some of the issues quicker.

MotherBoard/Server Board information HBA Card information Network Adapters detail Vendor Contact information for each of the hardware products Hadware Warrenty/Lease information RAID configuration and management Bios, Firmware update detail […]

Server Build Process

Server Build Process

If we are building new servers for customers, we need to create a checklist or build process. This way we won’t miss any steps. Once the server goes to production, then you can’t do much about it.

Server name or host name needs to be defined IP address/mask/DNS (Normally network team […]