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Linux read only mode problem

Linux read only mode problem

There are many reasons to cause file systems go to read only mode. Here are some of the reasons:

1. File system corruption 2. Unreferenced INODES 3. Improper unmount of filesystem(Usually due to some power failure or fluctuation) 4. Actual disk failure

Linux kickstart installation

Linux kickstart Installation

There are many installation methods available for Linux. If you want to install Linux on many servers, you may need to choose network installation method such as NFS, HTTP, FTP.

If you want to install on single server, you can use USB key or CD/DVD.

Crating an NFS/HTTP/FTP installation server:

1.$mkdir […]

Linux booting sequence and troubleshooting

Linux booting sequence and troubleshooting

Here is the Linux booting sequence and if there is any problem with booting, you can easily analyze the problem.

Power On/OFF Bios Grub from MBR ( If there is any issue BIOS will report as missing operating system)

When server boot BIOS will try to execute boot loader […]

Solaris System Configuration Files

Solaris System Configuration Files

System configuration files are very important to manage systems.

For details about the files and commands summarized here, consult the appropriate man pages or http://docs.sun.com/

File Description /etc/bootparams Contains information regarding network boot clients.

/etc/cron.d/cron.allow/deny Allow access to crontab for users listed in this file. If the file does […]

Adding IP address on Solaris

Adding IP address on Solaris

1. Check the /etc/netmasks file to ensure that their is an entry for the netmask

2. Edit the /etc/hostname.xxx file that relates to the interface. [execute ‘ifconfig -a’ to see current interface(s)] eg. # vi /etc/hostname.eri1 sv2108 netmask + broadcast + up addif sv2108a netmask + broadcast + up […]

Solaris Firmware upgrade on T2000

OBP upgrade on T2000

New release: Sun Fire T2000 sun system firmware 6.7.0

This will upgrade your System firmware of T2000 to 6.7.0 which includes: – ALOM-CMT v1.7.0 Dec 11 2008 13:55:49 VBSC 1.7.0 Dec 11 2008 13:51:17 OBP 4.30.0 2008/12/11 12:15 Hypervisor 1.7.0 2008/12/11 13:43 POST 4.30.0 2008/12/11 12:41

Prerequisites: Solaris 10 11/06 […]