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Manually configure Veritas Cluster UUID

How to configure Veritas Cluster UUID?

When you install VCS seprately and if you want to bring the node under cluster, then you need to modify the UUID. IF you don’t modify, you will get the following error.

>>>>>> 2014/11/24 13:58:12 VCS ERROR V-16-1-10651 Cluster UUID received from snapshot is not matching with one existing […]

How to find VLAN number in AIX?

How to find VLAN number in AIX?

You can use the entstat command to find the VLAN number.

# entstat -dt en2 | grep -i vlan Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0 Port VLAN ID: 400 VLAN Tag IDs: None [root@servr1:/root] # entstat -dt en1 | grep -i vlan Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0 Port VLAN […]

VCS – Joining the cluster memebership

Joining the cluster memebership

When you boot the server LLT/GAB starts automatically, but HAD won’t start until GAB membership established.

Here is an example for 2 node cluster.

1. LLT will start on each node

2. GAB stats on each system with a seed value equal to the number of systems in the cluster: gabconfig […]

How to generate VCS (Veritas cluster Server) commands from main.cf

Generate VCS (Veritas cluster Server) commands from main.cf

If you want see what are the commands have been executed during the VCS configuraion, you can issue the following command and it will generate all the commands.

hacf -cftocmd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config -dest /tmp

VCS resources

What is VCS Resource?

Resources are VCS components that correspond to hardware or software components such as network, storage , application etc.

VCS control the resources as below.

1. Online the resource 2. Offline the resource 3. Monitor the resource

All the resource has it’s own agent which does online/offline/monitoring tasks.

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Freeze

What is Freeze in VCS? And what is the advantage?

It means VCS agent won’t monitor thes resrouce and all the resources will be disabled.

It is good when you are doing maintenance on Resources.