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Does My SPARC Client Support WAN Boot?


To boot over the network, AI requires WAN boot support for SPARC clients. You can check whether your client Open Boot PROM (OBP) supports WAN boot by checking whether network-boot-arguments is a valid variable that can be set in the eeprom.

If the variable network-boot-arguments is displayed, or if the command returns the output network-boot-arguments: data not available, the OBP supports WAN boot and the client can be installed over the network.

# eeprom | grep network-boot-arguments
network-boot-arguments: data not available

If the command results in no output, then WAN Boot is not supported and the client cannot be installed over the network. See Chapter 8, Automated Installations That Boot From Media.

# eeprom | grep network-boot-arguments

As long as your hardware has openboot 4.14 or newer. If it’s older you’ll either need dhcp/bootp or a boot CD/DVD.

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